March 15, 2018

Take these precautions to prevent slips, trips, and falls

Hazard signs


As spring approaches, construction, yard work, and spring cleaning soon will be in full swing. Otter Tail Power Company’s Safety Services Manager Greg Overland encourages customers and neighbors to follow these tips from the National Safety Council to avoid slips, trips, and falls as we become more active with warmer weather.

“Falls are the third leading cause of unintentional death in the United States, according to the National Safety Council.” said Overland. “When we’re focusing on a task, we may become preoccupied, missing hazards that can cause a fall. Pay special attention to what you’re doing in areas where falls most commonly occur, including doorways, ramps, cluttered walkways, uneven surfaces, areas prone to wetness or spills, unstable work surfaces, ladders, and stairs.”

You can help to prevent slips, trips, and falls by:

  • Avoiding wet floors and cleaning up all spills immediately.
  • Securing electrical and phone cords, keeping them out of traffic areas.
  • Keeping stairs and walkways well-lit and clear of tripping hazards (paper, boxes, books, clothes, toys, shoes, unsecured rugs, open drawers and doors, furniture, etc.).
  • Wearing footwear with good support and slip-resistant soles.
  • Standing on stable work surfaces, never on a chair, table, or other surface on wheels.
  • Installing handrails on both sides of all staircases.
  • Securing the top and bottom of stairs by installing gates to protect young children.
  • Storing frequently used items in easily reachable areas.
  • Adjusting gutter downspouts to drive water away from pathways.

“Take these preventative measures and stay vigilant of your surroundings,” adds Overland. “If we all do our part to maintain safe areas and increase our awareness, we can help prevent injury to ourselves and our loved ones—especially young children and older adults.”

To learn more about how to prevent slips, trips, and falls, visit the National Safety Council’s website at