Buy A Cold-Climate Heat Pump!

Animated cold-climate heat pump

Efficiency gets results

Keep your house comfortable whatever the weather. A cold-climate heat pump will shred your heating bills.

How? A cold-climate heat pump operates at nearly 400% efficiency at 47°F or above and when temps drop to zero can sustain efficiencies of about 200%. That means it delivers two to four units of heating energy for every one unit of energy consumed.

Equipped with an inverter compressor to enhance winter season performance, a cold-climate heat pump is able to provide up to 90% of space-heating needs. And it works well as part of an off-peak heating system.

Several rebate options are available.

Email or call our Idea Center at 800-493-3299 to find out if a cold-climate heat pump is right for you. Or download the rebate form today.

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