Learn About My Account

Experiencing technical difficulties with your username or password?

Let us help you troubleshoot

We'll soon upgrade the My Account area of our website. An enhanced experience will launch in 2023 and will require a unique email address as the username for each user's web registration.


To prepare for this transition, we're removing inactive web registrations and working to clean up web registrations with duplicate email addresses. If you have issues logging in, it may be related to using a web registration that's no longer active.

Before attempting to reset your password:

  1. Verify you're using an active username. You may do this by clicking the Forgot Username link in the login box and then entering your email address.
  2. Retrieve the email sent from our system and view the active username(s) associated with your email address.

If you need to know the password for the active username, you may reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password link in the login box. We'll send an email with a password reset link to the email address on file for the username entered. Use the active username and new password to log in.


Customers with more than one web registration associated with an email address are encouraged to update their web registrations so each has a unique email address. By doing so, you'll be ready to move your web registrations to the new system without issues.


If you need assistance, please call Customer Service at 800-257-4044 or 218-739-8877.