Minnesota Rate Review

In November 2020 we asked the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to review the costs we incur to provide customers with energy and related services and determine the appropriate prices for using those services. 

Customer impact

In November 2021 we successfully completed this rate review with minimal changes to customer rates. The MPUC's approved changes to our rates reflect major shifts in our company's generation fleet. The approval also marks changes to operating costs and revenues that occurred since our last Minnesota rate review, filed in 2016.

While it will take time to calculate the dollar impact of the MPUC's decision on numerous and complex issues, the change to customer rates will be minimal. We'll provide an update to all customers when we know more.

Bill changes

Beginning with January 2021 energy use, we made interim changes to our bill. Please view our January 2021 bill changes mailer and the below video for information about those changes.