Online Rebates

Apply for a rebate or complete your enrollment online

Online rebates may be completed for select programs only, including:

  • Home insulation (Minnesota residential customers)
  • Refrigeration maintenance (Minnesota commercial customers)
  • Smart thermostats (Minnesota and South Dakota residential customers)

Online enrollment is available for:

  • CoolSavings (Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota residential customers)

Get ready

Before you begin your application, make sure the following items are readily accessible:

  • Your Otter Tail Power Company account number (found on your energy bill).
  • Your service location zip code (which may be different than your mailing address zip code).
  • Your receipt or invoice to verify purchase (if applicable).

Verify eligibility

Please verify that you're eligible for a rebate or to enroll in a program by reviewing our program requirements.

Start application

After your application is reviewed and approved, you'll receive your rebate in approximately 6-8 weeks. For a CoolSavings enrollment, we'll schedule an electrician to install our radio receiver at your home at no cost to you. 

Apply for a rebate