Dual Fuel Rate

Combine efficient, cost-effective electric heating with a backup system.

Combine a fossil-fuel furnace with an electric system for cost-effective heating

A dual-fuel system delivers clean, efficient, electric heating with a backup option from a fossil-fuel furnace. You’ll save money with a rate that’s about half the price per kilowatt-hour than our standard rate.

Dual-fuel systems use electricity as their primary heating fuel. During peak conditions, maintenance, or system emergencies—when energy control is needed—we’ll automatically switch to the non-electric backup. When energy control no longer is needed, we'll return your system to normal operation. Participants help us both manage the electrical system and keep energy prices low. 

Water heaters and Level 2 electric vehicle chargers can be included on this rate when  interruptible heating load is installed.

What option works best for me?

Your best electric heating option will depend on your current heating system and whether you have ductwork. The table below will help you identify the best electric option. Rebates are available on new electric-heating technologies!

Forced air with ductwork

Best electric option


Plenum heater: Installed where furnace and ductwork meet. Air warms as it’s passed through the plenum.

A low-cost solution for the entire space. 

Cold-climate heat pump: High efficiency that moves heat, rather than making it. Operates at 200% efficiency at 0ºF and 400% at higher temps.

High-efficiency heating and summertime cooling. With our Dual Fuel Rate, you can choose to have us cycle your system on and off in 15-minute increments during summer-season peak periods.

Fossil-fuel boiler

Best electric option


Electric boiler: Compact size. Heated water distribution to radiators, hydronic baseboards, or in-floor hydronic systems.

Easily connects to an existing system.

Supplemental electric heat

Best electric option


Electric baseboard: Installed near the floor.

Low up-front cost for zoned heating.

Cove heat: Radiant heaters installed near the ceiling.

Better location control—away from furniture, drapes, and children—for zoned heating and low cost. 

Ceiling panels: Radiant panels attached or embedded in the ceiling.

Instant, sunshine-like radiant heat.

Eligibility and details

  • We offer two Dual Fuel Rate options based on required metering.
  • Heating loads may be controlled up to 24 hours a day.
  • Water heating loads may be controlled up to 14 hours a day.
  • Heat pumps may be cycled 15 minutes on and off during summer-season control events.

Enroll in our Dual Fuel Rate

For help selecting the best technology, contact our Idea Center at 800-493-3299

Or, if you’re ready to start saving on heating and cooling costs, sign up for one of our Dual Fuel Rates today. Contact our Customer Service Center by email or call 800-297-4044  to enroll.

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Current rates for your state

Self-contained (typical) and current transformer (CT) metering options are available. View the full rate language for your state in our Pricing section.

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