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Free efficiency updates

Lower your energy costs with an assessment, improvements.

Lower costs and increase efficiency—all for free!

Increase your home’s heating and cooling efficiency—and save money while you’re at it—with our House Therapy program.

With House Therapy, income-qualified Minnesota customers—and low-income multifamily buildings—can take advantage of free energy-saving services to replace inefficient appliances and weatherize homes.

Eligibility and details

Eligibility for our House Therapy program is dependent on your family income. (Income guidelines are updated annually.)

Number in

Maximum annual (12-month)

Maximum quarterly (3-month)



















For families of seven or more, check with your local Community Action agency.

Apply and find out if you qualify

We partner with local community action agencies to facilitate our House Therapy program. Your local agency will determine eligibility, coordinate your energy audit, and hire local contractors to make recommended improvements. Screening for eligibility may require completion of an application for energy assistance, weatherization assistance, or other programs.

For questions about the House Therapy program, contact our Idea Center, or call 800-493-3299 during business hours. Or, contact your local community action agency:

Energy Assistance

State programs help qualified residents pay their energy bills.

Need help paying?

Inflation Reduction Act incentives

Federal rebates and tax credits are now available when you invest in energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating appliances. For income-qualified participants the benefits may pay the full cost of the upgrade.

Federal Rebates and Tax Credits

Even Monthly Payment

Enroll in budget billing to manage your energy costs easier.

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