Smart Energy

Energy-efficient technologies: Connecting you to savings!

With energy-efficient technologies you can save more than ever before, evolve, and make choices that are smart.

Everyday ways to save

  • Smart programmable thermostats can cut 10% or more of your heating and cooling costs.
  • LEDs for inside and outside your home or business use 75% less energy than other options.
  • Efficient ENERGY STAR® appliances can save you up to 10% of the energy required over comparison models and even more when you replace old appliances.
  • Heat pumps can reduce your electricity use for heating by approximately 50% compared to standard electric heating. 
  • Electric vehicles (EVs) are driving costs to travel to new lows. EVs may qualify to charge through our low off-peak rates. Ask about charging station rebates too.

Put energy to use with energy-efficient technologies. And check out our rebate programs and special discounted rates to help you save even more!