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Cut costs, not comfort.

Sign up today to save this summer!

Sign up for CoolSavings and save $33 on summer cooling costs by letting us cycle your cooling system during periods of high demand. Most people don't even notice. And it helps keep your electric rates among the lowest in the nation.

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  • Once accepted, we'll send an electrician to your home or business to install a radio receiver for free.
  • During the summer months of June through September, we’ll cycle your AC on and off every 15 minutes during periods of high demand—keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • If you’re a residential customer, we’ll apply an $8.25 credit to your monthly bills June through September. If you’re a commercial customer, you’ll receive $6 per month for each ton of connected cooling capacity.

Download and complete an enrollment form today. Email the completed form to our Idea Center.

Questions? Call our Idea Center at 800-493-3299 to find out if CoolSavings is right for you.

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