Use online data to help manage your business’s energy use, control your costs, and maximize your profits.

As a business customer with interval data metering, PowerProfiler can produce customized electric-load reports that contain up to 25 months of your electric-use history.

Simply access the data here! If you’re a first-time user, please contact our Idea Center or call 800-493-3299 to establish a username and password.

By analyzing your detailed PowerProfiler reports, you can:

  • Find and eliminate costly demand peaks by fine-tuning equipment operation and altering work schedules.
  • Reduce your electricity costs by lowering your overall energy demand.

Detailed reports reveal energy concerns

Numbers can be more meaningful when they’re displayed graphically. PowerProfiler can display nine detailed reports as bar graphs, line graphs, or numerical tables for viewing, analysis, and presentation. To see these reports you'll need a secure login. Several people in your company may share the same login to see reports from different offices—a helpful feature for companies with multiple locations. 

Nine report options

  1. Peaks report
  2. Comparison graph
  3. Peak-day demand
  4. 24-hour profile
  5. Kva/power factors
  6. Daily peaks
  7. Detail profile
  8. Daily totals graph
  9. Statistics report

System requirements

To see your weekly energy data in PowerProfiler, your company must have interval data metering, Internet access, and a dedicated phone line. 

Access fee

PowerProfiler costs $29.95 a month for a basic subscription. Charges may vary depending on installation costs and level of service.