Astoria Station

Astoria Station is a 245-megawatt (MW) simple-cycle natural gas combustion turbine. Located in Deuel County, South Dakota, it stands ready and able to generate reliable electricity our customers can count on. After years of planning and two years of construction and testing, Astoria Station started producing energy in May 2021.

Future focused

We’re committed to delivering low-cost, reliable energy across our 70,000-square-mile, three-state service area. We intentionally invest in the right resources at the right times. Astoria Station is part of our plan to:

  • Meet our customers’ future energy needs.
  • Replace expiring capacity purchase agreements.
  • Prepare for the 2021 retirement of our 1950s-era 140-MW coal-fired Hoot Lake Plant in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

It also provides a reliable backstop for our Merricourt Wind Energy Center, which came on line in December 2020, and additional wind and solar resources.

Meet Astoria Station

The two-year construction and testing process brought approximately 270 workers to the site during peak construction, representing nearly $30 million in labor costs with local sourcing for materials such as concrete. The project also provides a $3 million property tax contribution in its first five years of operation and $1 million in each future year supporting schools, water and fire districts, and local public services.

Astoria Station fact sheet

Continued reliability

Our diverse mix of energy resources, including Astoria Station, helps us maintain safe, affordable service while ensuring continued reliability.

Low-emission generation

Astoria Station provides more capacity than the recently-retired Hoot Lake Plant—with projected 85% less carbon emissions.                                                      

Flexible operations

Astoria Station’s natural gas combustion turbine is able to ramp up quickly, generating electricity in less than ten minutes!