Astoria Station

Astoria Station is our 245-megawatt (MW) simple-cycle natural gas combustion turbine located in Deuel County, South Dakota. It complements renewable resources (including Merricourt Wind Energy Center) by providing a reliable backstop when the wind isn't blowing or the sun isn't shining. It's able to ramp up quickly, filling gaps when customer demand for energy is high or conditions for renewable energy aren't ideal. Astoria Station is part of our diverse mix of energy resources that helps us maintain safe, low-cost service while ensuring continued reliability.  

Bolstering reliability and providing rate stability 

We’re committed to delivering low-cost, reliable energy across our 70,000-square-mile, three-state service area. As part of that commitment, we’re proposing a plan to add an on-site fuel inventory system to strengthen Astoria Station’s reliability. 

The on-site fuel inventory system will:

  • Protect our customers from and account for reliability and financial risks when renewable generation isn’t available, on-demand natural gas is limited, and market electricity and natural gas prices are extremely high.
  • Use Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)—natural gas cooled to condense into a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable liquid. 
  • Begin construction in 2024 once permits and regulatory approvals are obtained. 
  • Provide rate stability and meet our customers’ future energy needs. 
  • Ensure access to fuel during market disruptions.  

How on-site fuel inventory works  

  • Astoria Station receives natural gas through a pipeline. Our on-site fuel inventory system will safely store LNG so it’s available when needed.
  • Cooling LNG reduces volume approximately 600 times, allowing economical transport to Astoria Station and safe storage when it arrives.
  • The system uses two 100% submersible pumps that resemble giant well water pumps to move LNG through the vaporization process. 
  • Once in its vapor form, the gas provides fuel for Astoria Station. 
  • The approximately five-million-gallon metal tank stores fuel for up to five days of full-load operation. 

About Astoria Station

After years of planning and two years of construction and testing, Astoria Station began producing energy in May 2021.

Astoria Station fact sheet