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Integrated Building Design Plus program

Build smart and save big by participating in our Integrated Building Design Plus program.

Will your new facility be as efficient as possible?

There’s a lot that goes into a new facility build. Let us help by providing guidance and recommendations for energy efficiency with our Integrated Building Design Plus program. The best news? It’s free!

How it works

Our Integrated Building Design Plus program is available to qualifying business owners, architectural and engineering firms, and developers planning for new construction. It offers:

  • Rebates to offset the cost of energy-efficiency materials and equipment.
  • Efficiency-driven savings due to the longer life of energy-efficient equipment.
  • Long-term energy and maintenance savings.

Integrated Building Design Plus projects must begin during the design phase. This provides the greatest opportunity to make an impact for long-term efficiency and savings.

Phases and incentives

  • Computer modeling of design alternatives
    This program includes individual strategy modeling and schematic description of selected strategy concepts. It packages these strategies and analyzes them for their net impact on your building's energy use.
  • Design-team reimbursements
    While design teams often are interested in exploring energy-saving alternatives, typical fee structures provide little room for analyzing alternatives. This program offers financial reimbursement to help compensate design-team members for their time to participate in this process.
  • Construction incentives
    Once a package of strategies has been identified, we use the State of Minnesota Energy Code as the baseline for energy-savings analysis and offer financial incentives for qualifying energy-efficiency measures. 
  • Construction document review
    A design-assistance consultant reviews construction documents to ensure plans reflect modeled intent.
  • Energy-efficiency measurement and verification
    After construction is completed, we'll review operations in the areas affected by the energy-efficiency strategies to provide feedback to the owners, design team, and modelers on the as-built results. 

Eligibility and details

Our Integrated Building Design Plus program is free. Project qualifications:

  • Minimum project size of 5,000 square feet.
  • Project is in the schematic or early design development phase.
  • Meet an energy-savings requirement of 5% beyond baseline building codes.

Individual rebates for qualifying lighting, HVAC, building envelopes, motors, adjustable-speed drives, and other qualifying systems are also available.

Integrated Building Design Plus brochure

Enhanced Energy Design

To take your efficiency efforts even further—and receive recognition for your achievements—the Enhanced Energy Design option is available for projects that:

  • Are enrolled in LEED, Sustainable Buildings 2030 Initiative, or other approved certification programs.
  • Meet or exceed 20% projected energy savings over baseline.

Apply today!

For any questions about program eligibility, contact one of our Energy Experts.

To apply, fill out the online application (provided through our partner, Michaels Energy). After we receive your application, we'll contact you to perform an initial review of your project.

Integrated Building Design Plus program application

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Energy Experts

Let’s work together to make your project a success. Contact one of our team members directly or reach out to our Idea Center.

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