FYI: thermal-storage furnace

Specially-designed ceramic bricks help efficiently and economically store heat.

What is a central thermal-storage furnace?

A central thermal-storage furnace uses specially designed ceramic bricks to store heat during off-peak hours, when electric rates are lowest.

Central thermal-storage furnaces can be combined with a heat pump—such as an air source heat pump or a cold-climate heat pump—to reach all-season comfort with an overall winter-season efficiency of 150% to 250%.

Benefits of a central thermal-storage furnace

Central thermal-storage furnaces are clean and quiet. In addition:

  • By-product free — There are no combustion by-products in a central thermal-storage furnace
  • Effective — Designed to work with high efficiency to heat an entire building
  • Economical — When combined with our low off-peak rates, buildings get economical and efficient heating

How do they work?

Like all thermal-storage systems, you can think of a thermal-storage furnace as a kind of “heat battery.”

Unique and specially-designed, the ceramic bricks within a thermal-storage furnace store heat during off-peak hours. Then, when it’s time to warm up, heat is transferred through the building—either as heated air flowing through ductwork or through heated liquid flowing through floor heating.

Combining a central thermal-storage furnace with a cold-climate heat pump allows for a pairing of strengths—first, the heat pump operates at high efficiency to meet most of your heating and all of your cooling needs. Then the thermal-storage furnace is ready to provide the remainder of your heating needs during the coldest weather at 100% efficiency. Heat is stored throughout off-peak hours and available to provide comfort during the coldest weather. 

Rebates and off peak rates are available

Install a thermal storage system on a qualified off-peak rate and receive a rebate as well as energy priced at 25% to 50% less than our standard price. 

Contact our Idea Center or call 800-493-3299 to learn more.

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