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Heating and cooling

Let us help you understand your options to save energy.

Heating and cooling may seem pretty straightforward, but there are a variety of technologies you can use—many of which can save you money.

These electric heating and cooling technologies operate with an energy-efficiency level of 100% or higher, may qualify for rebates, and work well on our discounted off-peak rates.

Learn more below.

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Residential Business

Air-conditioner rebates

Purchase an ENERGY STAR® air-conditioning unit and receive up to $150!


Save all summer simply by allowing us to cycle your air conditioning during times of high demand.

Deferred Load Rate

Store now, use later—save up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs by switching to our Deferred Load Rate.

Dual Fuel Rate

Gain the benefits of both electric heat and backup non-electric heat through use of our Dual Fuel Rates.

Electric heating rebates

Rebates are available for several electric-heating technologies.

Fixed Time of Delivery Rate

Set your energy delivery to off-peak hours to store heating and cooling power for the day—all at one of our lowest prices.

Heat pump or AC tune-up rebate

Add efficiency to your heating and cooling system and receive a rebate.

Heat pump rebates

Install the most efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling system on the market and start saving big!

Smart thermostat rebates

Upgrade to a smart thermostat and take control of your heating and cooling. Collect up to $150 in rebates!