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Thermal-storage systems

Store heat and cooling for later use, and save with off-peak rates.

What are thermal-storage systems?

One way to save money is to heat and cool primarily during off-peak times, when rates are traditionally cheaper. Thermal-storage systems allow you to store heat or cooling for use during traditional hours.

Types of thermal-storage systems

There are several technology designs to serve heating and cooling systems.

  • Underfloor heat storage — using either cables or in-floor hydronic heat — creates a heat reservoir within a layer of sand under the surface.
  • Central thermal-storage furnaces use specialized ceramic bricks to store heat — and for smaller spaces are available thermal-storage room units.
  • Thermal-storage cooling (generally used for commercial buildings) generate ice or cooled water that’s then used to cool during peak periods.

Most systems can be installed in either homes or businesses and can provide heating or cooling for a whole building, a single floor, or a specific area.

Rebates are available

Install a thermal storage system on a qualified discounted off-peak rates and receive a rebate. See details in our electric heating rebate page.

Learn more about thermal-storage systems

There are several different types of thermal-storage systems, depending on your needs and applications. Dive deeper into thermal-storage systems on the following pages.

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