FYI: Thermal-storage cooling

Store cooling for future use and benefit from significant savings.

What is thermal-storage cooling?

Thermal-storage systems aren’t just for storing heat—thermal-storage cooling is a way to store cooling for future use. It offers the potential for substantial cost savings.

Benefits of thermal-storage cooling

The biggest benefit of thermal-storage cooling is its cost-effectiveness—especially when paired with one of our discounted off-peak rates and generous rebates.

In addition to significant cost savings, thermal-storage cooling:

  • Decreases building demand during peak energy periods.
  • Creates backup cooling capacity.

Ice storage works best if:

  • Your cooling load is subject to demand or ratchet charges.
  • Your existing cooling system needs to be expanded.

How do they work?

Like all thermal-storage systems, you can think of thermal-storage cooling as a kind of “cold battery” storing cooling in the form of chilled water or ice.

Thermal-storage cooling technology generates ice or cooled water during off-peak hours using it to cool during peak periods.

It is most cost-effective when it creates the bulk of its cooling power during off-peak times. Then, as cool air is needed, the stored cooling is used to regulate temperature.

Although most commonly used in commercial cooling systems, residential systems have been introduced but aren't commonly used in our region. 

Rebates are available

Install a thermal storage cooling system on a qualified discounted off-peak rates and receive a rebate. See details in our program pages below.

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