Transmission Generators

If you aren't an Otter Tail Power Company customer and intend to interconnect to our transmission system (41.6 kv and above), please email our Generation Interconnection Coordinator.

Which process should you follow?

  • High-voltage transmission system (100 kv and above)
    If you wish to interconnect to our high-voltage transmission system, you must submit a request to the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO) and follow MISO's generator interconnection procedures.
  • Low-voltage transmission system (41.6 kv - 100 kv)
    If you wish to interconnect to our low-voltage system and you intend to sell the output, you must submit a request to MISO and follow MISO's generator interconnection procedures.

Because no two projects are identical, slight variations to the processes and procedures may exist. In addition to these processes, interconnection customers are required to abide by the guidelines in our technical handbook, which outlines the technical requirements when interconnecting a generator, tie-line, or substation to our electric system. To request load interconnection or transmission interconnection, please fill out and send us this interconnection request form.

Transmission service on our transmission system is a separate but parallel process to making a generator interconnection. Transmission service may be requested in accordance with the provisions of MISO's Open Access Transmission and Energy Markets Tariff (TEMT).

Control Area Services and Operations Tariff (CASOT)

Otter Tail Power Company, as the control area operator, provides control area services for customers and transactions into, within, or out of our control area. Generally these services are provided under the MISO TEMT. Customers are required to execute the CASOT for emergency and operational purposes. Customers also are responsible for securing the required ancillary services to support the transmission of capacity and energy from generating units to loads and to maintain reliability within and among affected control areas from MISO.

If there is a conflict between the requirements identified in the CASOT and those of MISO, MISO's shall be the controlling requirements.

Questions? Email our Generation Interconnection Coordinator.