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Programs for our customers

View all of our energy-saving programs and rebates.

Find your savings

Programs include efficient technology rebates, bill credits, and off-peak rates that help you save energy and money. Use the state selector, category, or residential and business toggle button found above to view other programs. 

Air-conditioner rebates

Purchase an ENERGY STAR® air-conditioning unit and receive up to $150!

Appliance rebates

Update your appliances to ENERGY STAR® and get rebates.

Appliance recycling

Remove your old working appliances for free and receive rebates!

Contractor certifications

Earn benefits for your customers and your business by completing a certification program.


Save all summer simply by allowing us to cycle your air conditioning during times of high demand.

Deferred Load Rate

Store now, use later—save up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs by switching to our Deferred Load Rate.

Dual Fuel Rate

Gain the benefits of both electric heat and backup non-electric heat through use of our Dual Fuel Rates.

Electric heating rebates

Rebates are available for several electric-heating technologies.

Electric vehicle rebates

Electric vehicle rebates are available for new and used battery and hybrid models.

ENERGY STAR® window rebates

Rebates for energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® windows.

EV charging stations and rate

Install a Level 2 charger on an off-peak rate and get a $500 rebate. Save even more by charging with one of our off-peak rates, including Minnesota's Drive On Electric Vehicle Rate.

Fixed Time of Delivery Rate

Set your energy delivery to off-peak hours to store heating and cooling power for the day—all at one of our lowest prices.

Heat pump or AC tune-up rebate

Add efficiency to your heating and cooling system and receive a rebate.

Heat pump rebates

Install the most efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling system on the market and start saving big!

Home analysis and reports

Get a complete picture of how your home uses energy—and where you can make major improvements with our energy feedback programs.

Home Transformer

Get expert advice and take the next steps toward energy efficiency with our Home Transformer assessment.

House Therapy

Make your home more efficient and lower your energy costs with an income-qualified House Therapy assessment.

Insulation rebates

Upgrade your home's insulation to make it more energy efficient and get up to $2,800 back!

LED lighting

Get low-cost LED lighting through instant in-store rebates with our lighting partners.

Lighting retrofit

Retrofit your hardwired fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting and qualify for rebates and savings.

New construction lighting

Add high-efficiency LED lighting to your new construction building and get rebates to help cover costs.

Rebate and enrollment forms

From appliance rebates to smart thermostats, forms are available online.

Residential Demand Control

Partner with us to manage energy-system peaks and get a rate that’s about 25% lower than standard for all the energy you use with our Residential Demand Control (RDC) Rate.

Residential outdoor equipment

Rebates are now available for energy-efficient electric technologies.

Security lighting

Add security lighting for as little as $8 per month with our program.

Smart thermostat rebates

Upgrade to a smart thermostat and take control of your heating and cooling. Collect up to $150 in rebates!


Support renewable energy with our TailWinds wind-generated energy program.

Thermal-storage systems

Add a thermal-storage system to a new building or upgrade an existing system and get up to $75 per kilowatt in rebates.

Water heater rebates

Get up to $400 back with the purchase of a qualifying water heater and enrollment in an off-peak service.

Water heating controlled rates

Get great rates and save money with off-peak water heating .

Workshops and training

Upcoming training, workshops, and certifications for contractors.