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Bill inserts

Information about important updates, programs, incentives, and payment options, as well as energy- and money-saving tips.

Recent and past bill inserts

  • Meet the people that bring you reliable power every day.
  • Consider electric heating and take advantage of our rebates and special rates.
  • Minnesota customers - Get up to $50 when you recycle your old, but working, appliance.
  • Minnesota customers - From rebates and monthly bill credits to off-peak rates and efficient energy use you'll save when you install an electric water heater.
  • North Dakota and South Dakota customers - From rebates and monthly bill credits to off-peak rates and efficient energy use you'll save when you install an electric water heater.
  • We know you count on us every day for the energy you need. That’s why we’re committed to keeping your electric bills as low as possible.
  • Minnesota customers - Our House Therapy program offers free home energy audits to qualified customers.
  • Minnesota customers - Upgrade your home’s insulation and save with rebates.
  • Interconnection notice for Minnesota customers.
  • North Dakota customers - More advantages for your home or business. More money in your pocket! Check out our rebates and programs for savings.
  • South Dakota customers - Take advantage of LED rebates and save energy.

Customer Connection newsletters

Energy news for our customers.

February 2024

  • A closer look at My Account
  • Energy myths debunked!
  • Higher-than-usual electric bill? Let us help!
  • Supporting EV adoption in the Midwest
  • Stay alert to scams
  • Mini apple fritters recipe

December 2023

  • We shine brighter together!
  • Learn about your electricity
  • Monitor and report outages online
  • Power up safely
  • Energy myths debunked
  • Slow cooker turkey breast and spiced cranberry ring recipes

November 2023: Business edition

  • Thermal-storage system saves energy for equipment manufacturer
  • Employee profile
  • Network lighting can save energy
  • New energy tax incentives could mean big savings

October 2023

  • Enjoy an enhanced online experience
  • A new resource in our generation mix: Hoot Lake Solar
  • Employee profile
  • Pay attention to fire prevention
  • Request your 2024 pocket calendar
  • Apple bread recipe

August 2023

  • Stay sharp during harvest season
  • Beat the heat this summer
  • Enhanced online service coming soon
  • Employee profile
  • We’d like to hear from you
  • Orange creamsicle dessert recipe

June 2023: For KIDS!

  • Search for savings word search
  • Learn about electric safety
  • Harvey's Chocolate Cake recipe
  • Electric jokes

May 2023: Business edition

  • Smart glass improves geothermal system efficiency
  • Employee profile
  • Heat pump ratings have changed
  • Commercial tax incentives
  • Save on cooling

April 2023

  • Power and people you can count on
  • Consider a heat pump
  • Save with these tips
  • Try a new way to drive
  • Call before you dig
  • Cavatini Casserole recipe

February 2023

  • It’s now easier—and faster—to report an outage!
  • Learn about your electricity
  • Join our team!
  • Stay alert to scams
  • Budget better with EMP
  • Employee profile
  • Strawberry Cake recipe

December 2022

  • Providing power around the clock
  • Keep your home safe over the holidays
  • Reduce energy and save money this season
  • Employee profile
  • Cinnamon Candy Salad recipe
  • Thank you for being our customer in 2022!

November 2022: Business edition

  • South Dakota steakhouse owner a heat pump advocate
  • Employee profile
  • Energy efficiency from the ground up
  • Saving energy this winter

October 2022

  • Simple ways to save energy this fall
  • Power you can count on
  • October is National Fire Prevention Month
  • 2023 pocket calendars
  • BBQ Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad recipe (updated from misprint in August)
  • Peanut Butter Bars recipe

August 2022

  • Harvest season safety
  • Prepare for August weather
  • Caring for our communities
  • Making payments
  • Employee profile
  • Learn about your electricity
  • Join our Otter Voice community
  • BBQ Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad recipe